Bathroom Remodel Preparation

We have tried to think of everything but because every family is different it’s difficult to cover all areas. If there is something that we need to be aware that conflicts with our requirements please let us know. We are very excited to help you achieve your dream bathroom!

  1. Your start date is: TBD. Your assigned Project Manager is: TBD
  2. Our crew works from 8am-5pm Monday through Saturday
  3. There will be a dumpster trailer delivered the week prior to starting. Ideally we would like to park it on your driveway. Please move your vehicles to make room for it. It is about the size of a large truck.
  4. We will be leaving our work trailer on site throughout the duration of the project. This trailer can be left on the street in front of your house. It will be left beginning the first day.
  5. We will protect and clean ONLY our work and traffic areas, however dust travels through AC vents and WILL settle in other areas of the house. We recommend you cover up furniture and/or belongings around the house. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent the dust.
  6. Please empty all personal items from the project area PRIOR to our arrival.
  7. Some Customers work during the day, if this is the case. You may choose to leave a key with Rudy or Karla. Our trusted Project Manager will be the only one with access. If you have an alarm code, you may assign a temporary password for us to use during the duration of the project. Our project manager will be sure to disarm and arm the alarm every day.
  8. When nature calls, we may need to use your other bathroom.
  9. The main water line may need to be shut off for two-three hours during plumbing modifications. We will need access to your main water line. If there is a lock on it we will need a key.
  10. Project area electrical may need to be shut off during electrical modifications. We will need access to your breaker box. If there is a lock on it we will need a key.
  11. Please have finish items purchased and on hand PRIOR to start (very important) , ie..Lights, Faucets, Shower/Tub Set, Cabinet Knobs/ Handles, Tile/Floor Selections, and special order Toilet’s.
  12. We will leave you a color chart and assist with any color choices if desired.
  13. Please give us a phone number where you can be reached in case issues arise.